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Latest Projects

Available for Work!

The tides of business flow and ebb; I was laid off on 1/13/2017, so I’m looking for work in the LA/SoCal area. Will consider relocating to SF Bay Area. Open to full-time, contract, remote work. Art Commissions welcome, case-by-case basis! Lastly, I’ve got a sci-fi art Patreon now, only $1 a month gets you daily spaceship Read the Rest…

SpaceshipADay Featured on Kotaku.com!

I’ve been drawing some spaceships in a little sketchbook and posting them on Twitter, and they got featured! http://kotaku.com/drawing-spaceships-the-old-fashioned-way-1698384634# Most honored, thanks!

Jeep COD:MW3 Commercial

I did the storyboards for this Jeep COD:MW3 commercial. Lots of fun!

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ELev City View WIP 2

Concept Paints Update WIP, 10/4

Got farther on these two but forgot to post them, been a little busy, heh. On the purple one, the sunset clouds background kindly provided photographically by the mighty John Scalzi. Slowing down a bit on these because I’m looking for work, but will keep posting regularly.

Gnomon Live Sketches, 10/03

I went to the awesome Gnomon Live workshop this past weekend to see some of the best concept people in the business talking about their work and doing live demos. So great. I take lots of notes at events like this, and between writing down choice bits of knowledge I doodle all over the notepad. Thought you Read the Rest…

Env Sketch - Site 003 Arsenal 4

Environment Sketches > Color, 9/27

Ah, you thought I went back to hibernating again? Not so! I’ve been working really hard on all those previous paintings, on redesigning my website, and on putting together a demo reel. Fun! In this post, I’ve taken a bunch of those pen-on-paper environment drawings from a while back (here’s some) and done a quick, Read the Rest…

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